Our Advantages

In Feiya, our mission is to pursue the stability of the product performance exceed its 25-year life span and strive to reduce the cost of solar power, provide clean, reliable and sustainable energy solutions with competitive prices, which inspired us to continue moving forward.

1、stable product supply
Feiya have the world's most advanced automatic cell and module production line. In 2013 our production will reach: solar cells: 100MW; solar modules: 200MW.

2、Strict internal quality control
I. ISO9001, ISO14001
II. From the material to the final packing, 40independent inspection processes.
III. Complete bar code system
IV. Two EL tests and two energy tests in PV module production line.

3、strong R&D strength

Feiya equipped with advanced test instruments, established strengthening solar project technology center in order to improve the R&D capabilities. Using the center as a platform to make full use of all the resources, to improve the collection and analysis of the technical information. Contact technical institutions both domestic and abroad, make further efforts on the expansion of international R&D cooperation and the promotion of the use of production, research also the R&D based on 3-layer technology. We have gained numerous remarkable achievements in the field of solar energy industry.

4、PV Circulation
Times of PV circulation

5、optimum tolerance
0+3% tolerance, insure you get full value of the electric energy

6、third-party inspection
The electrical energy output capacity of each module has tested by the most advanced AAA grade sun emulator instrument, which is regularly calibrated by German TUV Rheinland with highest standards.

Automatic Manufacturing Equipments